Angel of Anarchy

aka Angel Tengkorak

  • I live in Southwest USA
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am here for the Harder Stylez
  • Angel of Anarchy


    November 24, 2011 by Angel of Anarchy

    Hacking or Modding is quite common in the Video Game world, especially PC. For example, the Aimbot, it is a auto-aim, meaning if you're aiming north there's noboby, but if you aim down the sights, it'll point South and there's an enemy. The link will explain it better.

    These were awesome games, until a bunch of lonely hackers and modders just decided to do whatever the hell they want and ruin them. For example, Infinite Health using the Juggernaut perk. Why can't Infinity Ward and Treyarch fix those, they're not making these game fun anymore. Players have spend their hard-earn money on these games, and Hackers decide to ruin them. It is so ridiculous.

    A 10th lobby is a Hacked Lobby where you can become 10th Prestige and unlocked everything. …

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  • Angel of Anarchy

    NOTE: I love CoD but it does have disadvantages whether its Multiplayer or Campaign

    • I hate campers
    • I hate noobtubing, their's a reason why I created an explosive class
    • I hate people who hack and mod, such as a Aim Bot or Full-auto FAL, You're not making the game for everybody.
    • I hate little kids who cry and whine, why the hell do you have a Rated-M game
    • I hate cheap deaths
    • I hate Shotguns and Sniper Rifles with Silencers
    • I hate ACOG sights on Sniper Rifles
    • I hate people with offensive emblems, such as a Swastika or a D***
    • I hate Boosters
    • I hate who make fun of me because of the 5th rule on my bio
    • I hate people who threaten to hack my account, are you stupid? Not only do I report you, it can have serious consequences.
    • I hate that my friends send me an ex…

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  • Angel of Anarchy

    I'm a guy who loves to watch Anime and CoD.

    I'm really good at CoD, but people have been sending me hateful, and threatening messages just for stopping them from getting a Nuke, taking their Emergency Airdrops, saying what this designed for, etc!

    One time, some guy send me a scary death threat for taking his Emergency Airdrop, and his Airdrop had EMP, Pave Low, AC-130, and Chopper Gunner! That was the best Emergency Airdrop I have ever seen, but that does not give him the right to send death threats to me!! Its a video game, get over it! I filed a complaint and avoided for his threat!


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  • Angel of Anarchy

    I love the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2, but i don't like that it has to be unlocked at very last level (Commander level 70). I love AK-47 because it has really good power, low-moderate recoil and i can use for all ranges. To me, the Iron sights on the AK-47 is the best for that Rifle. The Red Dot, Holographic, and ACOG they make the AK-47 just complete crap to me because of the moderate visual recoil, it confuses me because of the iron sight on the front. The Underbarrel attachments, such as the Shotgun and the Grenade Launcher, I don't use the Shotgun because the AK-47 can kill anybody at all ranges. The Grenade Launcher, despite taking little bit longer to reload, it is a pretty good attachment, I just don't like that use it like a complet…

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