Today's topic is about Hacking

Hacking or Modding is quite common in the Video Game world, especially PC. For example, the Aimbot, it is a auto-aim, meaning if you're aiming north there's noboby, but if you aim down the sights, it'll point South and there's an enemy. The link will explain it better.

Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: World at War

These were awesome games, until a bunch of lonely hackers and modders just decided to do whatever the hell they want and ruin them. For example, Infinite Health using the Juggernaut perk. Why can't Infinity Ward and Treyarch fix those, they're not making these game fun anymore. Players have spend their hard-earn money on these games, and Hackers decide to ruin them. It is so ridiculous.

10th Loddies

A 10th lobby is a Hacked Lobby where you can become 10th Prestige and unlocked everything. That is so unfair to other players. A lot of kids have been asking me to get them a 10th Lobby. Everytime they ask me, It gives me the urge to cut a rabbit's head off. I never joined a 10th Lobby, thats for idiots and noobs.

One time, me and my friends decided to do a 10th lobby prank. We promise about 10-20 kids to give them a 10th Lobby if they give us each 800 kills. It took us about 2 or 3 hours. NOTE: We never level up or anything, we just made these kids waste their time and get all excited for nothing. Most of them threaten to hack us. I said "How are you gonna hack us, if you're looking for a 10th lobby, which is a hack." There was no response. We never got Hacked. I only did this for fun and teach kids that 10th Lobbies can be complete BS.

MW2 10th lobby prank FUNNY IDIOT KIDS!!10:01

MW2 10th lobby prank FUNNY IDIOT KIDS!!

This video is similar to our Prank

Accounts hacked or threaten

Many people have threaten to hack XBL Account. It was over a freakin CoD game. Thats stupid, not only do I avoid/report them, I also let Microsoft collect my messages for any threats, so they can ban them.

One time, a girl threaten to hack just because I caught her modding an FAL. I said "Bring it on you stupid bitch, its not like a man will fall for you anyway." Then she tells me all these racist remarks. I was like "Really, racist comebacks." I wish I could remember more about what happen. I have short-term memory

Music in Video

Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars

Ex's and Oh's by Atreyu

You give Love and Bad Name by Atreyu

Hope you enjoy the Blog my comrades


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