AK-47 Lv70 II


AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2

I love the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2, but i don't like that it has to be unlocked at very last level (Commander level 70). I love AK-47 because it has really good power, low-moderate recoil and i can use for all ranges. To me, the Iron sights on the AK-47 is the best for that Rifle. The Red Dot, Holographic, and ACOG they make the AK-47 just complete crap to me because of the moderate visual recoil, it confuses me because of the iron sight on the front. The Underbarrel attachments, such as the Shotgun and the Grenade Launcher, I don't use the Shotgun because the AK-47 can kill anybody at all ranges. The Grenade Launcher, despite taking little bit longer to reload, it is a pretty good attachment, I just don't like that use it like a complete noob with Scavenger and Danger Close, i really hate that. The Suppressor is a very good attachment for reducing noise and muzzle flash, but i don't like when people use it camping. The FMJ, it is a very good attachment, but the AK-47 has already high penertration so it is almost unnecessary to use the FMJ. The Extended Mags it is my favorite attachment on the AK-47, it gives me a much bigger advantage when somebody is running.

I hope you enjoyed the Blog my Comrades, if you like it whatever, if you don't also whatever


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