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The first I hate Blog about CoD

Things that I hate about CoD

NOTE: I love CoD but it does have disadvantages whether its Multiplayer or Campaign

  • I hate campers
  • I hate noobtubing, their's a reason why I created an explosive class
  • I hate people who hack and mod, such as a Aim Bot or Full-auto FAL, You're not making the game for everybody.
  • I hate little kids who cry and whine, why the hell do you have a Rated-M game
  • I hate cheap deaths
  • I hate Shotguns and Sniper Rifles with Silencers
  • I hate ACOG sights on Sniper Rifles
  • I hate people with offensive emblems, such as a Swastika or a D***
  • I hate Boosters
  • I hate who make fun of me because of the 5th rule on my bio
  • I hate people who threaten to hack my account, are you stupid? Not only do I report you, it can have serious consequences.
  • I hate that my friends send me an excessive amount of invites to boost or whatever, thats a sign that you're desperate, I don't play with desperate people
  • I hate playing with people who hate Anime
  • I hate people who make fun of me for watching Haruhi
  • I hate people who mistake me for a black guy (not to be racist)
  • I hate people who trash-talks even though I'm being nice
  • I hate kids that say that they're hitting puberty, nobody cares just stfu and play the freaking game
  • I hate death threats
  • I hate who asked me random questions, such as "Whats the size of your penis?" I was like "Oh my god, are you f***ing serious"
  • I hate bullying
  • I hate air-support and they hate me
  • I hate that the Care Package falls down the stairs and kills me in Karachi
  • I hate static and music over their mics
  • I hate people who get mad at me just because I caught them Modding
  • I hate getting crappy weapons from the Mystery box or on Sharpshooter
  • I hate lag
  • I hate people who send me a hate message just because I crawled up to their groin and threw a semtex or C4. Its fun.

I hope you enjoyed the first I hate Blog on this wiki.

Actually I'm not really sure if this is the first I hate Blog, I don't do much research around here.


Have a nice day

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