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  • Angry-Romper

    Hello, My name is Morgan *****. I am a owner of Call Of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3. I just would like to ask if there was any way you could possibly edit these things i have listed below.

    -Being able to make any weapon as your "Favorite Weapon" because i currently have 4160+ tomahawk kills and it says the Famas or Ak-74u are my Favorites with 1000 less kills than tomahawk kills.

    -Just a thaught, I understand if its just not worth the effort but possably lowering the price of "Gold" Camo to for your weapon that is listed as your "favorite" to possably 25,000 CoD Points.

    -And I have noticed, I dont know if this is just a coincedence or if it may actualy have something to do with the programming but, sometimes more often than not if you throw a…

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  • Angry-Romper

    Wow 'this sucks, Activision has decided that they are discontinueing any progress toward and New GuitarHero, Tony Hawk, and True Crime games i just wabnt to know what others think?'

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  • Angry-Romper

    i think the AK74u had stayed in game even after so many complaints is because, 3Arch needs a distraction, something everybody can complaine about togeather so that other "Bugs" in the system are less called on. other glitches i seem to nice are:

    Tomahawk-FlackJacket Glitch: Tomahawks seem to always fly right past or even through enemies with Flack Jacket

    EXTREME amount of Lag: well PS3 users anyways

    Population ban: if enough people report you even for things u didnt do u get banned...

    name other problem you think 3Arch might be using popular problems to cover up.

    OH and i meant to name this Ak74u, Why i think its still here.

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  • Angry-Romper

    I don't know if anybody els has noticed, but there is a glitch where no matter the connection status some times when you throw a tomahawk it can fly right through an enemy with flack jacket on. I'm not saying it's only happening with people who use Flack Jacket, but it just seems to happen more often than not.

    I've even seen a video on 's channel where he throws a Tomahawk halve way across the map and it goes right through an enemy with Flack Jacket on.

    In my opinion i think it may have something to do with the Flack Jackets effect lowering damage from "Lethal" grenades such as Frags, Semtex, and other explosive not regestred as Lethal grenades but maybe Treyarch had made some sort of calculation that all Lethal…

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  • Angry-Romper

    I am a Person who plays on CoD BO and i was woundering if anybody even has close to the amount of Tomahawk kills i have? i currently have 1006? i wold like to know of anybody who has over 250

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