Hello, My name is Morgan *****. I am a owner of Call Of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3. I just would like to ask if there was any way you could possibly edit these things i have listed below.

-Being able to make any weapon as your "Favorite Weapon" because i currently have 4160+ tomahawk kills and it says the Famas or Ak-74u are my Favorites with 1000 less kills than tomahawk kills.

-Just a thaught, I understand if its just not worth the effort but possably lowering the price of "Gold" Camo to for your weapon that is listed as your "favorite" to possably 25,000 CoD Points.

-And I have noticed, I dont know if this is just a coincedence or if it may actualy have something to do with the programming but, sometimes more often than not if you throw a tomahawk at an enemy using the perk "Flack Jacket" alot of times it goes right through them. This may be my connection but it happens more ofthen to people using "Flack Jacket" than anyother first perk. This may be because of the popularity of the perk or even a coincedence, but if flack jacket is also programmed to deflect damage from "Leathal Grenades" sence the Tomahawk takes that slot in the "Create a Class" option maby it effect its "range"

P.S. You guy dont have to change the power of any guns any more they are great the way they are.

If someone complains about the power of the Ak-74u they should justuse it them selves.

Signed Angry-Romper

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