I don't know if anybody els has noticed, but there is a glitch where no matter the connection status some times when you throw a tomahawk it can fly right through an enemy with flack jacket on. I'm not saying it's only happening with people who use Flack Jacket, but it just seems to happen more often than not.

I've even seen a video on 's channel where he throws a Tomahawk halve way across the map and it goes right through an enemy with Flack Jacket on.

In my opinion i think it may have something to do with the Flack Jackets effect lowering damage from "Lethal" grenades such as Frags, Semtex, and other explosive not regestred as Lethal grenades but maybe Treyarch had made some sort of calculation that all Lethal Grenades (This includes Tomahawks possibly an accident) are less likely to do damage.

I would just prefer to hear others oppinion? Also I’de like to state that Treyarch should let you put any type of weapon as your "favorite" instead of just Primary weapons. As i have more Tomahawk kills than any other weapon but it says my two top weapons are MP5K (700+) and AK47 (600+) but I would like it to say Tomahawks (1049).

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