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  • Anomalous13

    I think that Combat Training is a very great feature of Black Ops. It entertains me a lot as opposed to having only 4 players in offline multiplayer in previous games. However I do have a few complaints:

    • Hardened and Veteran difficulty are kind of unrealistic. One time a bot was walking forward, turned 180 degrees, and killed me with a headshot, under 3 seconds. This happens to me a lot, and I was wondering if it happened to anyone else.
    • Bots getting headshots when they can't even see you.
    • The bots' grenades are very accurate and can throw them at you, when you're behind walls, when they never even seen you behind the wall.
    • Not many customizable features for offline multiplayer like in Modern Warfare 2, like no spawning or no Killcams. It wou…

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