I think that Combat Training is a very great feature of Black Ops. It entertains me a lot as opposed to having only 4 players in offline multiplayer in previous games. However I do have a few complaints:

  • Hardened and Veteran difficulty are kind of unrealistic. One time a bot was walking forward, turned 180 degrees, and killed me with a headshot, under 3 seconds. This happens to me a lot, and I was wondering if it happened to anyone else.
  • Bots getting headshots when they can't even see you.
  • The bots' grenades are very accurate and can throw them at you, when you're behind walls, when they never even seen you behind the wall.
  • Not many customizable features for offline multiplayer like in Modern Warfare 2, like no spawning or no Killcams. It would be really fun if you could do Gun Game or Hardcore Mode with the bots.
  • Why only 10 people in one match unlike 12 people in Xbox Live Combat Training? Isn't fun doing 1 vs 11?
  • No Combat Training in System Link.

Anyone else having complaints or suggestions?

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