By this point, we all know that Call of Duty: Black Ops II has received multiple patches on major consoles. Much has been done to the game, including gun balancing, technical issues, and reworking the points system. Needless to say, Black Ops II is still far from a perfect game. Here are some features that I would like to see addressed in a future update, and would hopefully make the game better than before.

Assault Rifles

  • SMR = Change recoil pattern to "vertical" type, similar to the M14 from Black Ops I.

Submachine Guns

  • All = Change hitscans so that after 12 meters, bullets begin to slightly spread, similar to the SMR from Zombies.

Light Machine Guns

  • All = Modify the Extended Clip attachment to not increase reload time.


Sniper Rifles

  • DSR 50 = Increase visual recoil to balance its high damage compared to the Ballista.


  • B23R = Add small burst dely similar to that of the SWAT-556 before patch.
  • KAP-40 = Reduce maximum damage from 45 to 38 and add a 1.2 headshot multiplier.


  • None


  • Assault Shield = Increase explosive resistance to slightly higher than a direct Launcher shot.


  • Knifing = Increase accuracy within current effective range, as a successful lunge will ensure a kill.
  • Claymore = Increase delay time so that if a player sprints towards one with Lightweight, they can successfully evade the explosion.
  • Scavenger = Add one clip of ammunition upon respawning, and retain current effect of ammo regeneration.


  • Hunter Killer and Swarm = Add delay so it will not target enemies who recently spawned (5 second effect).
  • Guardian and Sentry Gun = Make melee attack have an effect, dealing 1/3rd of the turrets maximum health.

Game Menus

  • Profile Shot and Showcase Calling Cards = Fix glitch where certain players cannot access these features.
  • Friends List = Show if the selected friend is in a Private Match, Public Match, or League Play Match.
  • Combat Record = Add kills and deaths with guns even if the player has not unlocked it with a Unlock Token.

In Conclusion

So, that is so far the list of what I would like to see done with Black Ops II multiplayer, as far as updates are concerned. Do you agree or disagree with what I said? Do you have anything you would like to add or see in a future update? Feel free to leave any comments below, and try to keep it clean (no "AMG TEH PDW IS SO OPPPPPP REMOVE IT NOW TROLLARCH").

Personal The Antibrony Sig 17:07, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

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