New personalization packs and additional DLC was added to Ghosts earlier today. The packs include the regular weapon camos, player customization options, and the ability to individually purchase DLC weapons separately from the entire DLC pack.

Official Call of Duty® Ghosts Customization Items Trailer 401:17

Official Call of Duty® Ghosts Customization Items Trailer 4

Personalization Packs

Tattoo Personalization Pack Header CoDG Nebula Personalization Pack Header CoDG Leopard Personalization Pack Header CoDG Skulls Personalization Pack Header CoDG Hydra Personalization Pack Header CoDG Abstract Personalization Pack Header CoDG

Customization Packs

Blunt Force Character Pack Header CoDG Inferno Character Pack Header CoDG Bling Character Pack Header CoDG

Additionally, the weapons included in the first two DLC packs are available for standalone purchase. The first pack includes the Maverick / Maverick-A2 combo while the second is for the Ripper. Both of these packs are priced at $3.99, while all of the above packs are available for $1.99.

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