• Apepa

    I used to think the Predator was the hands down winner out of these - you're almost guaranteed to get at least one kill, it's fast and will get you up to a higher killstreak in seconds, without you having to wait for care packages. I also found that Sentries got destroyed before they got a kill.

    But I decided I wanted to get all the Sentry Gun Titles and Emblems, so I equipped it, and now that I know the good places to put them, I find they're a match for, if not better than Predators. In Objective-based games, I can reliably get 3-4 kills for every sentry gun, with the added bonus of keeping enemies off the objective, and forcing them to move in different directions. If you deploy one overlooking a bomb in Demolition, it should rack up 5 o…

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  • Apepa

    Which weapons (and attachments) do you think will be featured in Black Ops?

    We already know:

    M16 variant



    Steyr Aug


    Something from the G3 Family (G3, MP5, HK33)

    M67 Grenade

    What I think:






    Sterling SMG (including super-quiet suppressed version)




    Browning Hi-Power

    Type 50 SMG


    SUIT Scope

    Any ideas?

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  • Apepa

    The Times

    He killed two insurgents in Afghanistan at 1.54 miles away using an L115A3 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum, chambered in .338 Lapua.

    They should have totally put that rifle in MW2.

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  • Apepa

    What's your favourite line of dialogue in the Call of Duty series?

    Mine has to be the bit in CoD4 "Crew Expendable" where one of the SAS dudes pulls out a shotgun and says "I like to keep this for 'Close Encounters'". CoD4 was my first Call of Duty game, and the first new game I bought for my current gaming rig, and that line just stuck with me cause I was thinking "This game is soooo cool!"

    What's yours?

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  • Apepa

    When i hit Prestige 10 lvl 70 I had 20 days played.

    That doesn't mean I'm a super good player, so when I'm not doing well, it doesn't mean I rank hacked. When I'm not doing well it usually means the other players are using G18s and Noobtoobs.

    Leveling up quickly is not about kills, it's not about your Kill/Death ratio, it's about looking at the Challenges page to see what will give you the most XP the fastest, and playing the game modes that give the biggest match bonus. And I aim for the head.

    Ever shot down a Pavelow in Search and Destroy? No? Then shut up and don't call me a hacker, idiot.

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