aka AJ

  • I live in Ireland
  • My occupation is Apple Bucking
  • I am Awesome
  • AppleJack

    1.People have heads.

    2.This Wiki is awesome to the highest degree.

    3.Cheese is cheesy.

    4.Food has flavours.

    5.When people are bored,and they see a pillow,they wrestle it.

    6.This is number 6.

    7.You are reading this blog post.

    8.Chocolate is awesome.

    9.Steel is hard.

    10.I'm right behind you.

    11.The above statement is false.

    12.This is the end of the list.

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  • AppleJack

    FluttershyOakley *****

    Crazysam10 *****

    Redskin-26 *****

    Sgt.trollz *****

    The Wanderer That Is Alone ****

    Jar teh marksman *****

    FireBird- *****

    AwesomeSauce360 ***

    Callofduty4 *****

    Smilular **

    Smuff *****

    Lucas88bam *****

    Todster8 *

    IW FTW *

    jPanzerj ****

    Fenix257 ***

    Phillycj *****

    This username better work ***

    Drkdragonz66 ****

    KATANAGOD ****

    Aces Creed *****

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