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  • ArcboundMyr

    So, I've taken an interest in the process behind making the golden skins for the guns in each CoD game that supports them. Took a look at the col (Color) and nml (???) maps for each of the gold guns in CoD4 and looked at a few tutorials. To be honest, I've loved the gold camos in Black Ops the most, since they seem to be the most realistic, with CoD4 being second favorite.

    But then I saw the gold camos in MW3, and here's what I think of them, and their production value.

    Completely effortless.

    Literally, I'm fairly certain that the gold camos involved nothing more than taking the color maps, filling them with a golden color, and coloring the NML maps white to give a huge amount of reflection.

    I wish that a lot more effort had been put into th…

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  • ArcboundMyr

    "Perfect balance" idea

    October 12, 2011 by ArcboundMyr

    So now I have an idea for a CoD4 weapon mod that shows what could happen if everything was, amongst classes, perfectly balanced. The G3 and M14 would be classed as "battle rifles", as would the semi-auto snipers sans Barrett .50cal.

    • Assault Rifles: 30 round magazine, fully automatic, 750 RPM, M16A4 recoil, 40-30 damage, retain reload speed.
    • Sub Machine Guns: 30 round magazine, fully automatic, 937 RPM, P90 recoil, 30-20 damage, retain reload speed.
    • Light Machine Guns: 100 round box, fully automatic, 750 RPM, RPD Foregrip recoil, 40-30 damage, retain reload speed
    • Shotguns: 7 round tube, semi-auto/pump-action, M1014 reach x2, M1014 recoil, 40-10 damage, 12 shot count, retain reload speed
    • Battle Rifles: 15 round magazine, semi-automatic, 625 R…
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  • ArcboundMyr

    Seems a lot of weapons in BO have identical or similar recoil to certain CoD4 guns. Hell, some of them are 100% untouched, although some for obvious reasons.

    BO - CoD4

    1. MP5K - MP5
    2. Skorpion - Skorpion
    3. AK74u - AK-74u
    4. Uzi - Mini-Uzi
    5. MPL - P90 (Surprised me)
    6. M14 - M14
    7. AUG - AK-47 w/ Double Tap
    8. AK47 - AK-47
    9. Commando - AK-47
    10. Olympia - M1014
    11. HK21 - M249 SAW minus 200RPM
    12. M60 - M60E4
    13. Stoner63 - M249 SAW
    14. Dragunov - Dragunov
    15. PSG1 - Barrett .50cal
    16. ASP - M1911 .45
    17. M1911 - M1911 .45
    18. Makarov - M1911 .45
    19. Python - Desert Eagle
    20. CZ-75 - M1911 .45

    Honorable mentions:

    1. M16 - M16A4 minus 10 on each side and 300 centerspeed
    2. RPK - RPD minus 200 centerspeed
    3. WA2000 - Dragunov plus 325 centerspeed

    Actual originality:

    1. FN FAL
    2. Stakeout
    3. SPAS-12
    4. HS10
    5. L96A1 (Even though the thing fires just a 7.62x51mm w…
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  • ArcboundMyr

    Right, so MW3 is a game I'm debating on getting for once instead of getting blindly. It's the same as the other CoDs probably since CoD4 but with a lot more bells and whistles than before. It's an example of using a tried-and-true formula that is massively successful. Frankly, I like the changes they've made to MW3. I know some people don't, and hey, that's their opinion, they can keep it to themselves as long as they don't make a complete asshat of themselves on a public wiki/forum. I can see myself appreciating the game, although I'm most likely going to sell all of my previous CoD games because this is looking to be the cumulative game that incorporates everything good in CoD.

    Also obligatory unexplained troll point of BF3 IS BETTER …

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