So now I have an idea for a CoD4 weapon mod that shows what could happen if everything was, amongst classes, perfectly balanced. The G3 and M14 would be classed as "battle rifles", as would the semi-auto snipers sans Barrett .50cal.

  • Assault Rifles: 30 round magazine, fully automatic, 750 RPM, M16A4 recoil, 40-30 damage, retain reload speed.
  • Sub Machine Guns: 30 round magazine, fully automatic, 937 RPM, P90 recoil, 30-20 damage, retain reload speed.
  • Light Machine Guns: 100 round box, fully automatic, 750 RPM, RPD Foregrip recoil, 40-30 damage, retain reload speed
  • Shotguns: 7 round tube, semi-auto/pump-action, M1014 reach x2, M1014 recoil, 40-10 damage, 12 shot count, retain reload speed
  • Battle Rifles: 15 round magazine, semi-automatic, 625 RPM firecap, M21 recoil, 70 damage with M40A3 multipliers (50 when silenced), retain reload speed.
  • Sniper Rifles: 5 round magazine (10 for Barrett), bolt-action, 60 RPM firecap (150 for Barrett), M21 recoil, 100 damage, retain reload speed.

This would probably get people to stop complaining about how unbalanced a game may seem when it was promised to be balanced, and here's why.

A perfectly balanced game would not be fun. That or it would be incredibly hard to make. Every gun would mostly be the same as the other one and it would be boring. MW2 was a victim of this in that it wasn't balanced at all, but every primary gun had its own niche in some way (Except the M4 and Intervention, those were immediately outclassed). Black Ops was a victim in that most guns were just the same with no really notable differences. There weren't niches so much as outclassings with every fully automatic gun being multi-purpose from the start.

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