Right, so MW3 is a game I'm debating on getting for once instead of getting blindly. It's the same as the other CoDs probably since CoD4 but with a lot more bells and whistles than before. It's an example of using a tried-and-true formula that is massively successful. Frankly, I like the changes they've made to MW3. I know some people don't, and hey, that's their opinion, they can keep it to themselves as long as they don't make a complete asshat of themselves on a public wiki/forum. I can see myself appreciating the game, although I'm most likely going to sell all of my previous CoD games because this is looking to be the cumulative game that incorporates everything good in CoD.

Also obligatory unexplained troll point of BF3 IS BETTER

No, seriously. BF3, 3 attachments on a gun with no downsides? Sign me up.

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