Seems a lot of weapons in BO have identical or similar recoil to certain CoD4 guns. Hell, some of them are 100% untouched, although some for obvious reasons.

BO - CoD4

  1. MP5K - MP5
  2. Skorpion - Skorpion
  3. AK74u - AK-74u
  4. Uzi - Mini-Uzi
  5. MPL - P90 (Surprised me)
  6. M14 - M14
  7. AUG - AK-47 w/ Double Tap
  8. AK47 - AK-47
  9. Commando - AK-47
  10. Olympia - M1014
  11. HK21 - M249 SAW minus 200RPM
  12. M60 - M60E4
  13. Stoner63 - M249 SAW
  14. Dragunov - Dragunov
  15. PSG1 - Barrett .50cal
  16. ASP - M1911 .45
  17. M1911 - M1911 .45
  18. Makarov - M1911 .45
  19. Python - Desert Eagle
  20. CZ-75 - M1911 .45

Honorable mentions:

  1. M16 - M16A4 minus 10 on each side and 300 centerspeed
  2. RPK - RPD minus 200 centerspeed
  3. WA2000 - Dragunov plus 325 centerspeed

Actual originality:

  1. FN FAL
  2. Stakeout
  3. SPAS-12
  4. HS10
  5. L96A1 (Even though the thing fires just a 7.62x51mm while weighing 14 lb)

250 employees; 2 year development time. COPY/PASTE EVERYTHING

They say lots of time should be spent balancing, and yet 20 out of 36 weapons are complete copy/pastes of CoD4 weapons. That is somewhat balanced, but for the most part just lazy. They have 250 people working at Treyarch, yet they just go and copy/paste recoil values. The other 16 weapons, for the most part, use the same recoil values. Those weapons are:

  • MAC11
  • PM63
  • Spectre
  • Kiparis
  • Enfield
  • Famas
  • Galil
  • G11

Of the SMGs, the Kiparis is the worst with the highest recoil, the PM63 not doing much better, given its lack of optical attachments, and the Spectre is the MAC11 with 10 extra rounds for an extra .3 seconds on the reload. The Galil has 5 extra rounds that you're probably not going to use while the Enfield has better zoom and reload time, so the Enfield's dominant as the precision assault rifle. The Famas is probably the equivalent of the Enfield with Double Tap by now, but there's no other gun to compare it to aside from the AUG, which is now superior to it. Also, the HK21 being a slowed down M249 SAW, well, that's pretty good. Or it would be if the default irons didn't suck so much. As for the Stoner63, that thing is insane. Its damage is literally that of the M249 SAW with Stopping Power. Use and abuse.

I'm curious though as to why they did so many copy/pastes with this game when in WaW, there were no copy/pastes, most everything was quite different from the CoD4 values except the semi-autos, which borrowed from the G36C and M14.

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