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Gold Camo between CoD4, BO, and MW3

So, I've taken an interest in the process behind making the golden skins for the guns in each CoD game that supports them. Took a look at the col (Color) and nml (???) maps for each of the gold guns in CoD4 and looked at a few tutorials. To be honest, I've loved the gold camos in Black Ops the most, since they seem to be the most realistic, with CoD4 being second favorite.

  • Custom Gold M16A4, blog post material
  • Custom Gold M14, blog post material
  • Custom Gold P90, blog post material
  • Custom Gold M9, blog post material

But then I saw the gold camos in MW3, and here's what I think of them, and their production value.

Completely effortless.

Literally, I'm fairly certain that the gold camos involved nothing more than taking the color maps, filling them with a golden color, and coloring the NML maps white to give a huge amount of reflection.

I wish that a lot more effort had been put into the gold camos for MW3, and not the haphazard job that rivals most custom gold camos that I see on YouTube, where people color the gun yellow and stop there. It just doesn't really feel right to have a gun covered in that much gold and shine. Think some Treyarch people should've stepped in and made the guns have a bit more of an intimidating image, maybe some matte black polymer on certain parts like the handguard or pistol grip maybe. So yeah, think the gold camos could've had a ton more effort put into them. Every other camouflage looks awesome though, it's just an entire gun made of 100% gold is kinda awkward to me.

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