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Hello and welcome to the house that Marv (the creepy guy down the streets that eats granola bars behind his curtains) made.

Call of Duty news

War Room

Take a look and voice your opinion if you're not a Vulcan.

Admin nominations


Tragedy news

  • Tragic thoughts came out when EA said that they eat money for love.
  • The world was led aghast when Bill Cosby did a Fatality on Putin.
  • Capitalist Pigs was saddened by thinking that throwing an "i" onto anything (iDesk and iFoot) made everything go up $300.


Capitalistic [BLANK]

The poll was created at 22:20 on June 1, 2014, and so far 51 people voted.

Have a great, uncapitalistic day everyone, and I "AM" watching you, cheerio!

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