Today, during an interview Randy Pitchford the President of Gearbox talked to Krawall. Randy talked about his decision on the offer he received from Activision a few years ago and stated on why he declined the offer given to him.

Randy went to say: "I just didn't see what there was left to accomplish. For me, there are two scenarios for which a Gearbox project makes sense. First, when the game just wouldn't have existed without us. Or second, when we could offer something new for an existing brand, a unique perspective or a new start"

He also added-on to say that: "I think, if you want to give people the Call of Duty that they want, you have to play by the rules of the series. You have to do what is expected of a Call of Duty game. I don’t see that as a real challenge for us. It wouldn't further build our reputation as a studio and wouldn't really be that motivating for our team"

Although once the interview was done, Randy stated that the offer from Activision wasn't official, as any official contracts where not made regarding Activision's offer to Gearbox.

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