Today, in a meeting with Tencent and Activision China, Activision announced that the new developer will be Raven Software. The developer group worked on numerous projects with the DLC for the Black Ops series, the DLC for MW3, and worked on Ghosts. Raven Software will update the closed beta in June and stated that:

But this summer’s beta will feature “surprising” new content and a better-optimized version of the game. That includes a “new” story mission (pictured above), but Tencent’s description of it makes it clear that this is pretty much exactly the same as the ship infiltration mission that kicks off Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The updated game also features a revamped zombie mode, now apparently with robot zombies, and a “backpack” system that allows players to bring their favorite weapons into every game mode.
— Raven Software

With Raven Software being the new leading dev, might it be possible for CoD Online to be brought worldwide or not?

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