• Atomichunter

    what weapons have you seen in black ops trailers and pcitures that wernt anounced yet?

    heres my list:

    • pancor jackhammer(found in the spas 12 article,in picture that has the spas 12 on the wall,its above the china lake grenade launcher)

    to be countinued...Atomichunter 03:14, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Atomichunter

    when someone writes a article on weapon thats going to be in a future game,they should have proof(picture,links,,etc)

    who else agrees with me?

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  • Atomichunter

    ok in the comments just type in what weapons u want in a weapon pack for mw2

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  • Atomichunter

    the new breed is a video series on will take on 4 roles:actor(main character,dont have mic,if you want you can do a voice for me),story writer,directerleader of actor and non actor casts

    the series take place in 2016.the sides are:rangers,tf 141,opfor,miltia and will be set in team deathmatch(sometimes free for all)you must have cold blooded on at all times(unless i tell you not to)you can only use certein weapons ex:spetznaz:ak 47,hk usp 45,rpd,rpg 7,wa2000,aug,famas

    miltia:model 1887,ranger,fal,ak 47,mini uzi,desert eagle,44 magnum,m9,hk usp

    opfor:ak47,striker,rpg 7,intervention,rpd,usp 45,desert eagle

    rangers and tf 141:all weapons except:machine pistols,,wa2000,rpd,mini uzi,ak 47,ranger,model 1887,rpg 7


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  • Atomichunter

    the ranger rangers

    June 17, 2010 by Atomichunter

    im making a clan called the ranger rangers.


    befriend me:psn:commando6534

    must love the ranger

    like playing as the rangers

    must love shotguns

    contact me through psn or the wiki.

    i made this group so i can show how much i like the ranger (i will also make a model group)

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