the new breed is a video series on will take on 4 roles:actor(main character,dont have mic,if you want you can do a voice for me),story writer,directerleader of actor and non actor casts

the series take place in 2016.the sides are:rangers,tf 141,opfor,miltia and will be set in team deathmatch(sometimes free for all)you must have cold blooded on at all times(unless i tell you not to)you can only use certein weapons ex:spetznaz:ak 47,hk usp 45,rpd,rpg 7,wa2000,aug,famas

miltia:model 1887,ranger,fal,ak 47,mini uzi,desert eagle,44 magnum,m9,hk usp

opfor:ak47,striker,rpg 7,intervention,rpd,usp 45,desert eagle

rangers and tf 141:all weapons except:machine pistols,,wa2000,rpd,mini uzi,ak 47,ranger,model 1887,rpg 7

note:attachments have to be checked by me

do not use any death streaks or killstreakes without my permission

do not use equipment without permission

DO NOT use martydom,painkiller,last stand,final stand,copycat without permission from me

their will be a seprate video that will be called the new breed:bloopers

bloopers are when you mess up and it was caught on tape,and after the series is done we have a party in a privite match(plz no killing)and it will be part of bloopers

if you activate a tactical nuke,mess up on purpose,flashbang spam,frag spam,or any kind of spam you will be banned from the movie

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