Since MW3's announcment, an awful lot of people (fanboys and ordinary gamers alike) have been complaining that Call of Duty is the same thing, year in, year out. Personnally, I think MW3 differenciates itself quite a bit from MW2, however I cannot deny it is very similar in terms of gameplay to other CoD's. Not suprising, really, as it is part of a series, but do you think it needs any major changes? Should the next CoD be totally different game, or just tweak a few things, like MW3? Post ideas in the comments section.

If I where to decide what the next CoD where like, I'd add:

  • More weapons, but not too many, like Battlefield, where hardly any of them are even used. For example, I'd add more LMG's, because there's not many compared to assault rifles. Also, put weapons that military forces actually use, rather than some experimental assault rifle from Peru that no-one's heard of. (Yes, FAD, I'm looking at you.)
  • Update the engine massively. Even if it means adding a few more years onto the release date, the graphics and such need improving a lot. CoD is starting to look shoddy next to games like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. Heck, even BFBC2 has better graphics than MW3.
  • Make it slightly more complicated in terms of gameplay. CoD is very basic in terms of gameplay, it's mainly just shoot, run, shoot some more. Throw in a few gimmicks such as weapon jams and maybe having to catch your breath after prolonged sprinting just to spice things up a notch. Of course, the core gameplay is still going to be shoot stuff up. Apparently people don't like this idea.
  • As well as making it slightly more realistic, as stated above, make it simultaneously more badass'. Have awesomely unrealistic weapon reloads, like this: Not a big change, really, but I'd be quite fun.
  • Make the campaign more down-to-earth, while maintaining an epic story, like CoD4. MW2's and sometimes MW3's campaigns where just ridiculous, and Black Op's had so many plot twists it was sometimes confusing as to just what the hell going on.

If you think you could do a better job, or if you'd just like CoD to be left alone, leave a comment below.

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