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This is now the main blog for Downfall.

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This is the main Downfall blog, for the storyline click this link:

And for the multiplayer click here:
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I have made 6 videos so far, but 2 of them where tests, and weren't very intresting to watch. Parts 1&2 follow the game's plot somewhat, whereas any clip that isn't named "Part X" is just a test or a cut scene. For example, the "Redemption" video that I posted was originally going to fit into the storyline somehow, but I decided it was too far-fecthed.

Each clip explained:

Part 1 is when Eric (the protagonist) gets lost in the Meideros facility and is ordered by Arthur to inject himself with "hydra".

Part 2 is earlier on in the Meideros facility, in the medical research department.
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Part 3 is unexplainable.

Redemption was originally going to somehow tie into the story, but I thought it was far too cheesy to include.

Combat is a simple combat demo.
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Warehouse Siege is mainly, again, a combat demo.

Ruins has been taken down, however if you still want to see it it's on my channel on Youtube. It was simply a test.

I used Rangers sleeves from MW2 for some of the videos and the P90 skin from MW2, and the ACR from MW3.

Weapon list is below, if anyone cares.

Part 3 here:

Alternatively, you could watch these on a playlist:

If you do, watch in HD, please, unless you love pixellation. Which I'm sure you don't.

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