Downfall's Multiplayer segment has had a lot of thought put into it.

What the main menu theme would be:

There are many different gametypes: this is a list of some, with the CoD gametype they're ispired by next to it.

  • Mercenarys (FFA) Basic Free-for-All deathmatch.
  • Skirmish (TDM) Basic Team deathmatch.
  • Take and Hold (KOTH) Basic King-of-the-Hill type game.
  • High Value Target (CTF) Like CTF, but with an object or individual that has to be captured, not a flag.
  • Bomb Squad (S&D) Basically Search and Destroy with unlimited respawns. Demolition, if you will.

"Fun" gametypes:

  • Quarantine - Zombies vs Humans gametype.
  • Gungame - Self-explanatory. Requires 2 kills to go up a weapon.
  • Hostage Situation - One team has to rescue the hostages, the other team has to defend.
  • Cold War - Fight for control over a nuclear warhead. The team that secures it, gets to blow it up.
  • Realistic Mode - Skirmish with special rules. No HUD, longer reloads and weapon switches, less sprinting time, increased recoil, less health, no health regeneration, less explosive resistance, weapon jams, and no vehicles.

Multiplayer-wise, Downfall plays out like a hybrid of Call of Duty and Battlefield: running at a Call of Duty-styled-pace, but with the vastness and technological advanceness of Battlefield. Destruction is included, however is very minor. Vehicles, such as APCs, Helicopters and Jeeps have to be earned, CoD-style, but once the team in question has combined enough points to earn them, anyone on that team can use them. There is a huge amount of weapons to unlock, customize and generally kill people with, however elements such as recoil and reload times are slightly more realistic than in CoD or Battlefield. There are base classes to use if you're unimaginative, however players can create and customize their own classes as they wish. However, there are certain restictions (like not being able to use LMG's in conjunction with Shotguns). There are 4 main teams: US Marines, ISF, Rangers and IS-Shock (special forces of the ISF). Each is unique in their own way, however players can still use the same weapons, etc. that they normally would.

The maps are set in and around the North-East of England, mainly in urban-themed areas, however beaches, countrysides and even user-created maps can be made and good ones may be added to playlists. The multiplayer follows no sort of storyline, and is purely for fun, however the environments are based on the campaign.

Throwing in two new teams: Private Military Company and Renegade Militia. The former is a group of mercenaries hired by the US Government (because they are desperate), and the latter is a small, but deadly, radicalist group of ISF supporters.

Weapon choices: THESE ARE FINAL requests, anyone?

Key = - Full auto is fully automatic, Full auto, single fire means fully automatic with single-fire capabilities, ect.

Assault rifles:

M4A1 - Full auto

SCAR - Full auto

FAMAS - Full auto, burst fire

AUG - Full auto

FN FNC - Full auto, single fire

G36C - Full auto

M417 - Full auto, single fire

IMIG (Galil) - Full auto

G41 - Single fire

M16A4 - Full auto, burst fire

FN2000 - Full auto

SA80 - Full auto, single fire

AK5 - Full auto, single fire

SG552 - Full auto

L68A2 (Fictional British Weapon) - Full auto, single fire

ZM LR300 - Full auto, burst fire

AICW - Full auto, overbarrelled grenade launcher

AK (Undetermined AK-47 Type Weapon) - Full auto, single fire

Submachine Guns / Carbines:

MP5 - Full auto

PMKS - Full auto, single fire

UMP.45 - Full auto, burst fire

G3SAS - Full auto, single fire

TDIV (Basically just the Vector) - Full auto

L22A2 - Full auto, single fire

SR3M - Full auto

Para (AUG Carbine) - Full auto

AS VAL - Full auto, single fire

KAC PDW - Full auto

M57A1 - Full auto, burst fire

XM8 - Full auto, single fire

P90 - Full auto

Light Machineguns: (Note: LMG's can't select-fire, they're all fully automatic.)








Cetme Ameli



M23 Rachot

Combat Shotguns:

M36 (Fictional American Shotgun) - Buckshot

M2A1 - Slugs

SPAS12 - Buckshot

M3 - Buckshot

R870 - Slugs

AA12 - Buckshot

M4S90 - Slugs

SPAS15 - Slugs

USAS12 - Buckshot

Sniper Rifles / DMRs:

M14 EBR - Full auto, single fire

SVD - Single fire

M24 - Bolt-action

PGM Hecate - Bolt-action

SR-99 - Single fire

MSG90 - Full auto, single fire

Scout - Bolt-action

SG550 - Full auto, single fire

Gepard M1 - Bolt-action

SSG69 - Bolt-action

Arctic Warfare Police (AWP / L96A1) - Bolt-action

Sako TRG - Bolt-action

Barrett M82A1 - Single fire

Machine Pistols:


Glock 18c




Ruger MP9






Arsenal Shipka



Colt M1911


Glock 17

Px4 Storm



AMT Automag


LAR Grizzly

IMI Desert Eagle




Colt Python


Nagant Russian Special

King Cobra

Smith and Wesson M629

Ruger GP-100




Grunts can only use Assault Rifles to begin with, but level up in the Grunt class and you will unlock the ability to use Shotguns, Machine Pistols, Revolvers and even SMG's in conjunction with your Assault Rifle. You cannot unlock the ability to use Snipers or LMG's with an Assault Rifle, for that would be stupid.

Basic loadout:

An Assault Rifle

A Handgun

2 Frag Grenades


Initially, Specialists can only use SMG's. Work hard with the specialist class and you'll unlock AR's, Snipers, Machine Pistols and Shotguns.

Basic loadout:

A Submachine Gun or Carbine

A Handgun

2 Flashbangs


Support classes use LMG's to begin with, but later unlocks Shotguns, Machine Pistols and AR's. Can soak up more damage than other classes, but sprint slower.

Basic loadout:

A Light Machinegun

A Handgun

0 Grenades


This class uses Shotguns at first, but later unlocks SMG's, Machine Pistols and Revolvers.

Basic loadout:

A Shotgun

A Grenade Launcher / Rocket Launcher w/ 2 projectiles

4 Frag Grenades


This class uses Sniper Rifles and Revolvers at first, but later unlocks the ability to use SMG's, Machine Pistols and Handguns.

Basic loadout:

A Sniper Rifle / DMR

A Revolver

1 Claymore (USMC) / Tripmine (ISF)


Trackers are scouts: they run very fast and mark targets for others to kill. Can also jump higher, but can take less damage. They are unable to unlock any other type of weapon other than Machine Pistols and Target Pistols.

Basic loadout:

A Machine Pistol

A Target Pistol

1 Tracking Device

Team Announcments:

Starting a match:

US Marines: Let's get this over with...

ISF: Move out, team!

Rangers: Let's do this, Rangers.

IS-Shock: Execute mission!

PMC: Time to earn your paycheck, people.

Renegade Militia: Let's do this for our cause!

Doing well in a match:

US Marines: Hang in there, Marines, it's almost over.

ISF: We've almost got this! Finish the job!

Rangers: Keep it up, Rangers.

IS-Shock: Initiate offensive protocol!

PMC: Nice going, at this rate I'll pay you double!

Renegade Militia: Keep fighting for our cause!

Doing badly in a match:

US Marines: Get ready to fall back, Marines.

ISF: Failure is not an option!

Rangers: Step it up, Rangers!

IS-Shock: Initiate defensive protocol!

PMC: Come on, I was told you where the best!

Renegade Militia: You're failing our cause, people! Fight harder!

Winning a match:

US Marines: We did it, Marines. It's over.

ISF: Another victory for the ISF, well done team.

Rangers: Nice job, Rangers! The operation was a success!

IS-Shock: Mission accomplished!

PMC: I knew you guys would pull through!

Renegade Militia: Good, you have helped our cause!

Losing a match:

US Marines: Fall back, Marines. We've lost too many men today.

ISF: We've failed, team. Pull out.

Rangers: That's not what I expect from the Rangers. Not good enough.

IS-Shock: Mission failed!

PMC: I was informed you where the best of the best. Obviously I was misinformed.

Renegade Militia: You're not fit to fight for our cause. Consider yourselves failures!

US Marines theme:

ISF theme:

Rangers theme:

IS-Shock theme:

PMC theme:

Renegade Militia theme:

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