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Since the '80s, the bullpup market has boomed. Outstanding models such as the AUG have been adopted by many countries. While some detest bullpups (I'm looking at you arby), the use of bullpups worldwide is increasing even today. Soon, models like the M16 could be replaced by a bullpup (if the US Army finally ends their undying love for the M16, which is unlikely).

Now, Britian, Ireland, Austria, Belguim, France and many other countries use bullpup rifles as their standard-issue rifles. For example, the SA80 was introduced in the British Army in 1987, as Enfield's last firearm before closure, and still remains in service (although it has been improved since '87).

Now, without further ado, let's compare 3 of the most profilic bullpup rifles of the modern world: the F2000, the AUG and the SA80.

Note, I am now comparing their incarnations in CoD, so this post is actually CoD-related this time.

The FN F2000

Manufactured by FN Herstal, a very well-known arms manufacturer responisble for the extremely successful FAL rifle, the F2000 (sometimes somewhat incorrectly tagged the 'FN 2000') is one of FN's newer rifles, probably designed to compete with the successful AUG. The F2000 includes many innovative features, such as a built-in scope and a strange ejection system.

The F2000 uses standard STANAG magazines, complete with 5.56mm NATO rounds. It's been in production since 2001, and has been adopted by the Argentinean special forces, Belguim (obviosly), Croatia, Pakistan, Poland and Slovenia. It's also intersting to note that large numbers of the F2000 where captured by Libyan rebels during the 2011 Libyan civil war.

The F2000's shell ejection system is rather odd. The empty shells eject via a tube that runs along the right side of the reciever. The upside to this is that the F2000 is completely ambidextrous, solving the main problem that most bullpups face.

In CoD, the F2000 appears in MW2 under the assault rifles catagory. In the campaign, it is carried by the Russian forces, and is often found with it's unique red dot sight, which is true to life. It has a blistering rate of fire, and is capable of downing targets in far less than a second. However, the F2000 was not hugely popular in MW2, probably due to its recoil and high unlock rank.

The Steyr AUG

Manufactured by Steyr, another well-known arms manufacturer, the AUG was introduced in 1979 and was an instant success. First adopted by the Austrian army, the AUG follows pretty much the same success story as the Glock pistols. The AUG, like the F2000, has its own unique scope which is built-in on sime models.

The AUG does not use the STANAG magazines, however it does use the 5.56mm rounds. It's in service with Australia (as the F88), Ireland, Austria, Argentina (where it is slowly replacing the outdated M16s and FALs) and Italy with their special forces, along with about 15 other countries.

The AUG is ambidextrous, however it must be reconfigured for leftys. Many variants exist, the most popular being the AUG A1, AUG A2, newer AUG A3, the Para AUG, AUG HBAR and the AUG HBAR/T. Although the HBAR series are techincally light support weapons, not assault rifles, they're still bullpups nonetheless.

The AUG has appeared in 3 CoD games. In MW2, the HBAR variant was present, although in campaign it behaved like an assault rifle. The AUG's scope was not available in multiplayer. The AUG HBAR was a fairly popular LMG, however it was ever-so-slightly overshadowed by the M240.

The AUG A3 appeard in MW2: Moblized, however since I've never played that game, I can't rally comment on it's performance in-game.

The AUG appeared in CoD: BO, as a low-recoil, high RoF assault rifle. It was considered by many as a Famas-clone and 'overpowered'. It was compatible with the Swarovski Optik, even in multiplayer. However, including the AUG in BO was a bitof an oversight, as it hadn't actually been invented yet.

The Enfield SA80

In service since 1987, the SA80 was dogged with problems when it was first introduced to the British Army. Jamming was common, and it was unfriendly to leftys. But the British Army kept hold of it. Soon enough, BAE systems purchased Heckler and Koch, who where then tasked to improve the SA80. The result was the SA80 A2, or L85A2.

The L85 uses 5.56mm rounds and the standard NATO STANAG magazines. It hasn't seen amazing success outside the UK, but the SUSAT scope has been a reletively good success abroad. While the L85 itself has been critisised by shooters, the SUSAT has been praised for it's clear reticule and good 4x zoom.

The SA80 is soldier-friendly, however it's not ambidextrous. Variants include the L86A1 and A2, which are both LSWs that are being replaced in the British Army service by the FN Minimi. The L22 carbine is a newer variant, used by engineers in the British Army and Royal Marines.

In CoD, the L85 does not feature, but the L86 LSW appears in both MW2 and MW3. In MW2's campaign, the L86 is only featured in the level 'Loose Ends'. The iron sights are inncorrect, but the SUSAT features in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The pickup icon implies the L85 was originally going to feature, along with early leaks that suggested its presecence.

The MW3 varaint of the L86 has correct inron sights, however the SUSAT has been removed. It largely remains the same as the MW2 variant, and appears (for some reason in a random van?) in Paris during the chase with Volk.


I think IRL the AUG is the best of these bullpups, but in CoD, I prefer the L86 LSW.

But which do you prefer?

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