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Yeah, feel free to comment, but be warned, it's a lengthy read. Maybe I should make it a book, not a game (note: that was a joke).
Personal AugFC Gm nuclear winter v20000

Concept Scavenger.

This is basically my idea for a game, that I'va had brewing up for some time. Like I said before, I don't know if you like reading about other people's ideas, but if you want to, feel free. Also, if you do, leave a comment, please. Feedback would be appreciated.


The year is 2017, but not in this reality. In an alternate future, due to ecomonic problems, a socialist group known as the ISF are elected in many European countries, including France, Germany and Spain. Problem is, the USA aren't keen and never have been. With socialist ideoligys spreading across Europe fast, capatilsm is at risk. After the USA are informed that a coalition is being formed throughtout every socialist country in Europe, they get seriously worried. US Marines are stationed in the remaining capatalist European countries, in fear that the socialists are planning something. On the 17th February 2017, US Navy SEALs begin an operation to prevent socialist militarys moving into Czechoslavakia, one of the remaining capatalist countries, but the operation kills 19 civilians.

Tensions grow. Britain, once the USA's closest ally, is occupied by both ISF forces and US military units. Split between North and South, the people of Britian develop a rivalry, and, with theses tensions at an all-time high, groups from the socialist side attack the American-occupied Southern side.

The result is war. With most of Europe in wastes thanks to the agressiveness of both the ISF and the USA, only Britian still stands strong. But the USA are determined to drive the ISF out of the country, it seems even Britian is at risk. That's where Downfall begins.

The player assumes the role of Eric Styles, a young US Marine who has been stationed in Northern England as part of an attempt to rid the world of the ISF once and for all. The problem is, the ISF where never destined to leave. The USA has given the ISF enough time to advance, adapt and develop new technologies never before seen in combat. The US forces outnumber the ISF, but with the determination and technology of the remaining socialists, it looks like the war might go on for longer than anyone had previously predicted.

As the game's intro ends, Eric finds himself amongst the wrecks of an APC, with his fellow Marines being killed all around him. Two helpful Marines instruct him that the rest of his squad left a while ago, and that
Personal AugFC Isf
he was unconscious for some time. The player must regroup with Eric's squad (at the moment, it consists mostly of redshirts). Once Eric's found his squad, a few of them are picked off by a sniper. And so, Eric and Stan (see characters, below) are tasked with taking this sniper out.

Once the sniper's dead, Eric and Stan make their way back to the streets in which their squad waits for them; only to find that the ISF are pinning them down behind cover. With your squad, you must eliminate as many of the ISF ambushers as possible, before they overwhelm you. Luckily, a wrecked Humvee's turret is still operational.

With the ISF troops making a hasty retreat after your counterattack, Eric and his surviving squad members (at this point, only Stan, an unnamed Sergeant and two other Marines) can safely make thier way out of the streets and back to their base. They report to a Lietenant and tell him their mission was a failure, as they lacked the manpower to complete their objective. Upon hearing this, the Lietenant merges your current squad with SSGT. Blake's squad, and sends you once again into the fray.

Making your way down the streets of Gosforth in a Humvee, all does not go as planned. Yet another ISF ambush causes your team to bail out. Having to make their way on foot, Eric and the rest have to fight their way through numerous ISF teams, some even weilding heavy machine-guns. Eventually you all pull through, however getting to your objective, which your Sergeant refuses to shed any light on, is another matter. The team hijack an enemy vehicle, which they use to drive towards the objective.

On the way, they run out of fuel, but handily command offers them a ride in an APC. In the APC, Stan, Eric and the rest of the squad have a few moments of witty banter, but it's not long before the fun ends and the real mission begins: the objective, apparently, is to raid a place known as the Meideros Facility.

All is normal, at first, and it seems the ISF have a base of operations in the Meideros Facility, which must be cleared out. Taking out countless ISF guards, the squad heads deeper and deeper into the facility until something does not seem right: there are corspes everywhere, both civilian and ISF, which was not the doing of any Marines.

Upon deciding that there must have been a previous operation in the Meideros Facility, the team keep advancing. Suddenly, huge shockwave shakes the whole facility, and everyone complains that their heads hurt. One Marine, Emmerson, is severly effected by these headaches and sits down to rest with Stan, while Blake and the others keep going to find any other ISF personnell. On the way, Eric is split up with the rest of the squad, and then has to search for them. After seeing some wierd things in some of the facility's storage rooms, Eric meets up with Emmerson, who appears to have run away from Stan. It quickly becomes obvious that he has gone completely insane, and shortly, he puts a shotgun in his mouth and kills himself. Before he does die, however, he warns Eric not to help "him", but doesn't exactly explain what he means. Nevertheless, Eric continues to search for his friends, and eventually finds Stan. Stan says he saw Blake and the other Marines before, but one of them, Collins, has been acting funny. Stan leads Eric to them, but when they get there, Collins has Blake and one other Marine, Leeroy, at gunpoint. The other Marine is dead. Blake tries to talk Collins out of shootin
Personal AugFC Dm lockdown0075

Made this on Gmod, but this is what Downfall would look like if I did make it for real.

g them, but Collins has also gone crazy. He shoots Leeroy in the leg and is about to shoot Blake, but Eric takes action and kills him before he can shoot Blake. In his dying words, Collins tells Eric that he's "got to help "him"", but Blake shoots him before he can finish the sentence. With three members of the squad dead, and one injured, the team decides that they should think about pulling out of the facility, deciding that there can't be anymore ISF troops in there.

However, things don't always go as planned. For some reason, the doors they came through have all been locked, and they must find a different way around. While going through the storage area that Eric has already been through, another shockwave rocks the facility. Blake, Stan and Eric all drop to the floor to avoid debris, but Leeroy remains standing, and clutches onto his head while screaming. His blood vessels become swollen, and shortly afterwards, they pop. The shockwave ends, and for some reason Blake, Stan and Eric where all unaffected, but Stan is severly disturbed by what happened to Leeroy and advises Blake that he gives the order to pull out as soon as possible. Blake refuses, however, as he wants to know why the shockwaves keep occuring and why they affect certain people in strange ways. So, with Blake leading the way, the remaining team head towards the laboratorys, in an attempt to find out what the hell is going on.

Once there, the team discovers years of scientific research concerning coercive persuasion, in other words, mind control. Passing it off as "years of scientific research wasted", Blake quickly confirms it's all BS and gives the order to pull out, much to Stan's relief. Just a stone's throw from the elevator back to the surface, the floorboards give way and Eric falls deeper down. Stan and Blake make it out, but Eric must find his own way out.

After some exploration, Eric finds out that the Meideros Facility isn't exaclty empty. He comes across a radio that someone is trying to contact him with. Upon taking the radio, Eric uses this man's guidance to escape. However, the person on the other end wants Eric to do a few "chores" for him before he will tell him how to get out. These involve flicking some switches, hitting some buttons and strapping things to his wrist, none of which Eric knows what does. Finally, the man tells Eric how to escape, and Eric does so, but the man strongly advises Eric to ditch the radio, because he "knows Blake will find out" where he is if Eric still has the radio. Eric, being the niave little bastard he is, drops the radio and gets back outside, where he regroups with Blake, Stan and a huge Marine assault force which happened to be passing by.
Personal AugFC Dm lockdown0050

Fantasy Screenshot. BTW: That's an umbilical cord, not a dick. Easily confused with eachother.

The Marines say that ever since the shockwaves happened, their comms have been down. With no way of contacting command for extraction, Blake decides to join the Marines, who are "heading North". At this stage, Eric mans the gun of an M3 Bradley. Taking out ISF reinforcements called into the area, the Marines come under heavy RPG fire from ISF troops on the rooftops of buildings. Several Bradley tanks are destroyed in the process, but Eric takes the RPG troops out.

The Marines explain that they are heading into Fawdon, which has been dubbed "sniper city" by many soldiers who have been there. Blake explains he'd rather not go there, so the Marines tell them to head to Monument, where they say an informant can help them. And so Eric, Stan and Blake head West towards a nearby urban area. They use the old Metro tunnels to get there, but it seems the ISF had the same idea. Taking them out, the team head forward until they come out at Monument Station, where it seems there is an ISF gathering.

They find the informant, but unfortuantly he is dead, and there appears to be many civilain casulaties around aswell. Presuming the ISF have been executing people, the team makes their way through Monument, killing many ISF troops along the way. According to ISF documents that the team finds, it turns out all these civilians had connections with a man named Arthur, but his last name has been crossed out. Blake decides that if the ISF are looking for Arthur, then so should they. The documents mention that his last known location was in Monument somewhere, so that explains why the ISF have been searching the area. They don't find Arthur, but they do find out that the ISF are fully aware of thier efforts to track him down, and so the race is on to find Arthur.

The team keep moving West and find a small settlement that belongs to a Private Military Company known as "Black Watch". At first, Black Watch are hostile towards them, but don't shoot them. Black Watch explain that they, too, have no working comms and have no way of contacting anyone else. Blake explains the situation with Arthur, and Black Watch agree to help in the search, as they "have nothing else to do but hold off constant ISF attacks and jack off twenty times a day". Meyers, a Black Watch soldier, quickly makes himself known amongst the team because his uncanny ability to annoy everyone. The ISF appears to have followed the team, however, because shorty they come under attack from yet more ISF forces. Retreating out of the settlement, both Black Watch and Blake's team join forces to track down Arthur and resitablish contact with command.
Personal AugFC Dm lockdown0063

Another fantasy screenshot. The gun used is a ZM LR300.

Soon, they see Chinook helicopters flying overhead, and decide that they must be picking other survivors up. They follow the trail of the helicopters, but it leads them into some deep shit: they somehow end up in "Sniper City", where the other Marines went, and sure enough, they didn't make it out alive. The bodys of dead Marines carpet the streets, and after Black Watch takes a few casulaties, the team decides that they must use someone as a decoy so Eric can get inside the buildings and clear them of the snipers. A Black Watch soldier called "Ozone" volunteers for decoy, while Eric takes out the snipers. Luckily, Ozone survives, but nearly took a bullet to the head, and gets quite shaken up. They keep going and eventually get out of the city, near a beach. The helicopters are visible at the docks, so the team sprints towards them, but the ISF also saw the helicopters and are also on their trail. On the beach, chaos ensues, as a huge firefight between the Marines and their Black Watch allies and the ISF takes place. Eric is wounded heavily, and while Stan tries to help him, he too is shot and killed. Blake, Meyers and Ozone fend off the rest of the ISF forces, and drag Eric to safety. The helicopters have already left by then, and, losing all hope, the surviving men decide that there's nothing left to do but find Arthur and find out why the ISF is looking for him. And so they begin a suicide mission, to be continued in the next installment...


What I intend the main theme to be like: (not the menu theme, that's different)

The main ISF theme:

What the theme used in for badass scenes would be like:

What the main menu theme would be:

Multiplayer-wise, Downfall plays out like a hybrid of Call of Duty and Battlefield: running at a
Personal AugFC P2 wakeup0003

UMSC Design.

Call of Duty-styled-pace, but with the vastness and technological advanceness of Battlefield. Destruction is included, however is very minor. Vehicles, such as APCs, Helicopters and Jeeps have to be earned, CoD-style, but once the team in question has combined enough points to earn them, anyone on that team can use them. There is a huge amount of weapons to unlock, customize and generally kill people with, however elements such as recoil and reload times are slightly more realistic than in CoD or Battlefield. There are base classes to use if you're unimaginative, however players can create and customize their own classes as they wish. However, there are certain restictions (like not being able to use LMG's in conjunction with Shotguns). There are 4 main teams: US Marines, ISF, Rangers and IS-Shock (special forces of the ISF). Each is unique in their own way, however players can still use the same weapons, etc. that they normally would.

The maps are set in and around the North-East of England, mainly in urban-themed areas, however beaches, countrysides and even user-created maps can be made and good ones may be added to playlists. The multiplayer follows no sort of storyline, and is purely for fun, however the environments are based on the campaign. Go to multiplayer blog for more info.

Characters of the campaign:

Eric Styles
Personal AugFC Rp c18 v10002

Character Designs. Not final. Left to right: Ozone, Meyers, Blake, Sampson, Stan.

At the age of 19, Pvt. Eric Styles isn't exactly the ideal soldier: he's mute, physically weak and hasn't seen much combat. As the protagonist, it's up to the player to imagine what he's thinking. Although he doesn't talk, his squadmates don't seem to mind.


Stan: Eric, you don't talk much, do you?

Eric: ...

Stanley Buthroyd

Only one year older than Eric, Stan is the squad's "joker" and has a close friendship with Eric Styles. He's physically stronger than Eric, but fails to keep his nerves under pressure. However, he can make light of most situations, even if his commanding officers hate him for it.

Wilhelm "Sarge" Blake

Tough, determined and generally a badass, Sergeant Blake is a natural team leader. He doesn't think much of Stan and Eric, but puts up with them. He takes missions very seriously, and rarely cracks a joke, but he's still the squad leader, so what he says, goes.

Blake: Stick together, team!

Mitchell J. Meyers

Meyers is part of the "Black Watch"; a privatised section of the US Army consisting mainly of soldiers who the Government feels are too good for the regular Army, but not good enough for the Rangers. As a soldier, Meyers is annoying, complains a lot and doesn't get on with anyone. However, he will still do as he's told, even if it means he has to complain about it for half an hour.

Meyers: Jesus christ, I honestly don't know why I haven't killed myself yet. You guys are complete and utter idiots.

Jason "Ozone" Harris

Another member of Black Watch, Ozone earned his nickname from his fear of ozone gases, which is why he wears a gas mask 90% of the time. He can't really communicate properly with his mask on, but somehow others can understand him perfectly fine. He is also notable for having incredibly bad luck.

Ozone: Mmmph! Mmmph mph mmmmmmph! (Shit! There's a sniper!)

James "Brony" Sampson

Sampson, while percieved by his squadmates as a "freak", is actually quite intelligent, and pretty handy with a weapon. The reason his squadmates despise him is for one reason: he made the mistake of drawing a pony on his helmet. He's constantly teased by Barnes, the squad's "bully", and meets a rather sticky end.

Stan: Hey, Sampson. I've always wanted to ask: what's with the pony on your helmet?

Sampson: C'mon, dude, ponys are awesome!

John Barnes

Corporal John Barnes is a dick: he makes fun of everyone, he gets others into bad situations, and he is very, very cocky. No suprise, then, that his teammates call him "that Fat Bastard". He's far from perfect, but makes up for it by having the largest kill count of the entire squad: over 45 confirmed kills. He wields an M60E3 light machine gun, and has a tendancy to take on masses of enemies with it, even if cover is unavailable. His cockiness costs him his life quite far on into Downfall's campaign.

Barnes: (While spraying machine gun at ISF troops) Get some, motherfuckers! GET SOME!

Timothy Higson

Just screams redshirt. A new addition to the squad, he's the FNG, and has pretty much no experience in combat whatsoever. He has an upbeat personnality, and is eager to see combat, but has no idea what an actual firefight is like, and is (briefly) teased because of it. Meets his demise fairly early on into Downfall.

Barnes: Kid, you have no idea what real fighting is like.

Stan: Yeah, we once had this incedent where one of ours got all of his limbs blown off by a single sniper. Man, it was gruesome.

Higson: Oh, jesus! I'm thinkin' twice about this now.

Barnes: (Whispering) You think he's buying all this shit?

Stan: (Whispering) Totally.

Downfall 2

Downfall 2 takes place around the same time as Downfall 1, but through the eyes of Sandy Knowles, a Ranger. Sandy is far more manly that Eric Styles in every way, and I like to think of him as a Bruce-Willis type character, but in the body of Alex Mason from Blops.
Personal AugFC Dm lockdown0054

HAZMAT models from Blops.

The game starts with Sandy being beaten up by some ISF cronies; presumably he's done something wrong. Then, a crazy dude with one eye slightly bigger than the other comes up to him and talks about some generic crap about revenge and stuff. It's at this point, the words "2 DAYS EARLIER" pop up on your screen, confirming that Downfall 2 won't be as good as the first.

Basically, the idea is that Downfall 2 is more of a Hollywood style shooter, with loads of explosions and crap rather than realism, a bit like CoD. What I do intend Downfall 2 to do is greatly improve the Mulitplayer of Downfall 1. I haven't put much thought into the Campaign, but it's definetly not including Eric, that's for sure. Eric returns in Downfall 3.

The Multiplayer implements many new features:

Set Classes:

A bit like BF, but with more depth, DF2 includes a reworked class system. Rather than create your own classes as you wish, DF2 makes you earn each thing for each class, so if you want to use an Assault Rifle in conjunction with a Shotgun, you'll have to work hard using both the Grunt class (assault rifles only) and the Demolitions class(shotguns only). Go to multiplayer blog for more info.

That's it...for now...until I edited it!

Downfall 3: Early plans

Eric's returning, as are Blake, Ozone and Meyers, but I'm stumped for ideas. Here's what I've got:

  • It takes place 1 week after the events of Downfall 1
  • Eric's slightly less of a pussy
  • Meyers is just as annoying
  • Ozone still can't talk properly
  • Blake has facial hair now (he hasn't shaved)
  • The ISF, somewhere along the way, seperate from the elite faction, the IS-Shock
  • The Rangers are the secondary antagonists now
  • The Marines have mostly become Scavengers (mercs who used scavanged equipment, weapons, ect.)
  • The Renegade Militia are the joint main antagonists, along with the IS-Shock
  • Some of the ISF have defected and have become Scavengers
  • The Rangers are ordered to kill the Scavangers, because they are a threat
  • The last level sees a massive assault on the Medieros Complex
  • Some characters are killed off, not saying which
  • All the plotholes from Downfall 1 are filled
  • There's a new mode: Quarantine (sort of like infection from Halo 3, but with extra features)
  • There are more guns (request some if you like!)
  • There is more badass-ness, like this:
  • Bigger and better in every sense.

Downfall's Radio System

Similar to games such as GTA and Saint's Row 2, Downfall has a radio system. Hop into a vehicle and switch on the radio to hear one of the many strange choice of songs included:

Retro Radio:

Awesome-o Radio

Requests, people?

Downfall: Scavenger

Yup, recently I had yet another idea for the Downfall series, this time a piece of DLC.

Downfall: Scavenger follows the story of an unnamed Scavenger.


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