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Look what I found on my hard drive

AugFC January 31, 2012 User blog:AugFC

Today, about fifteen minutes ago, I decided to check through my hard drive for random crap that I didn't need. I found something. Something that I don't remember making. The file was about 4-or-so years old, and hadn't been touched in years. I opened it. I wish I hadn't.

I recorded what I could, but some of the files where "corrupted". Which is a good thing, because the rest of it was so sick, so utterly disturbing, that it must never be recovered from the recycling bin on my computer.

So, I uploaded what remained to youtube. It appears to be a really shit version of the CoD4 ending, so poorly made, even Ewe Boll would weep at its low-production budgets and its horrible "special" effects.

Update: OH CRAP. I just tested the second half again. It is no longer "corrupted", it used it's demonic ways to heal itself. I was thinking about unleashing it to youtube, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

Teh end00:26

Teh end

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