Here, I will disscuss what I liked about MW3 and what I don't like about MW3.

OK, here I go:

Good points:

  • The story. Yes, I know it's slightly ridiculous, but at least they got rid of the MW2-Micheal-Bay-styled theme of it. It's much more serious, much less silly.
  • The characters. Yuri is cool, Price and Soap are as awesome as ever and they even brought back a load of old CoD4 characters. Spoilers, so I won't name 'em.
  • Survival Mode: It's awesome. Okay, it can get boring after a while, but it's easy to get into, and is great fun while it lasts. It's what the MW series needed. Unfortunatly, not many people play it.
  • Generally, the Multiplayer. It feels a lot more like CoD4 and not MW2, which is great. Decent Killstreaks are a lot harder to earn, and so far there's no standout "overpowered" weapon. The FMG9 akimbo is slightly annoying, but it's no UMP.45 Silenced from MW2.
  • The weapons. No two weapons perform the same, unlike Black Ops where pretty much all the guns where reskinned versions of another.
  • The L118A. BEST. SNIPER. EVAR.
  • The SAS mission. Just yes.

Bad points:

  • The locations. The teasers made out as if there'd only be four countries involved: America, England, France and Germany. Turns out there's TONS. You go around the bloody world for god's sake. India, Africa, Czechoslavakia, the lot! It might as well be renamed Call of Duty: Sightseeing around the Globe. Although then it probably wouldn't have sold as much.
  • The deaths. (Spoilers) They kill off, like, EVERY CHARACTER. I know it's the last in the series, but really? Is that a good enough exuse? Plus they bring back a load of old characters, JUST TO KILL THEM ALL OFF. Kamarov? Griffin? Did they deserve to die?
  • Yuri's involvment in the CoD4 and MW2 storyline. First off, he never existed until MW3. Second off, Zacheav never even got into Makarov's car after he was shot, as seen in Yuri's flashback. Thirdly, he was never at the airport massacre. Way to mess the story up there, IW.
  • London. IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE LONDON. 'Nuff said.
  • The bloody Davis level. Not because it was offensive, (although, I must say, IW are just trying to offend people now) but because there's, like, NO-ONE ELSE AROUND. It's London, for christ's sake. They're near Big Ben. But where are all the people, IW? WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE?
  • The weapon choices. Why the HELL are half the guns even in there? The FAD? The Type 95? The PM-9? NONE OF THE COUNTRYS INVOLVED IN MW3 EVEN USE THOSE WEAPONS!
  • The SAS ai. You'd think, after rigorous training, half-a-dozen special missions and only being officially THE BEST BLOODY SPECIAL FORCES IN THE WORLD, they'd not charge in and get shot up by a load of ordinary blokes with AK-47's. Think again.
  • The AK-47 / M4A1 / M16A4. What the hell has IW done to you, you poor things? Why can't the AK-47 just have a plain wooden finish? I don't think African Militiamen carry AK's with specail rails and stocks. As for the M4A1, it's practically EXACTLY THE SAME as in MW2. No changes. And the M16A4, well....the carrying handle. Just...the carrying handle.
M16A4 MW3

Bloody hell, what have they done to the carrying handle?

Well, there's my opinion. What about yours?

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