Please, please, please, please, please bear in mind that I can't complete everyone's requests at once. I've got other projects on the go.&nbsp

The difference between a good request and a bad request

If you're gonna ask for a weapons skin, for christ's sake please bear in mind I can't do them all at once. I usually do the ones that are senisble, and I'm less likely to complete your request if you keep nagging me. It's just annoying.

A "good" request sounds a little something like this:

"Um...Could you make a a M40A3 or a CoD4 style MP5? Also, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to have a Fluttershy holding a Crunch bar like my avatar on my M40A3. <3" - courtesy of this guy

or this:

"Hallo Aug, This ze doctor. May I ask of you to make me a custom MP40? If you can't, that's ok but I would really appreciate it if you did." - courtesy of this guy

A "bad" request would be something like this:

"Can you create one for me." - courtesy of someone who didn't even sign their post

or this:

"I can has this pls with a grenade launcher and a in-built machine gun and maybe a xm343535 scope and a masterkey on top." - just an example.

Please, if you're gonna ask, ask polietly and realisticly.

How to get a weapon reskin

If you want in, leave a message on my talk page. You are required to list the colour scheme, image and weapon of your choice, unless you want me to decide for you.

If, for whatever reason, you're not satisfied with the weapon skin, contact me and tell me what you'd like changing. Please bear in mind that I cannot complete everyone's requests at once.

I don't own anything except the skins.

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