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  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Writer, Student, Gamer
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    Liberation Opinions

    February 6, 2012 by Austin Powers

    Hello,everyone. Happy Monday.

    This is your boy,Austin Powers. I wanted to talk about my opinions on one of the new maps called Liberation.I really don't like the map. It's large,and it's big.It takes forever to find someone in Team Deathmatch,but it's decent because it's really a long range sniping,good for Light Machine Gun gameplay but it's not good for Assault Rifle wielders like me who uses Assault Rifles and SMGs. The map is built for your snipers and TYPEs,the worst gun ever (to me,that's my opinion) It's really not built for that run and gun stuff I really like.

    The color scheme is not good,anyone who snipers or carries MK14 with fall camo can easily blend into the map and camp. That's why I refer it to Camper's Paradise,anyone who w…

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  • Austin Powers

    I'm back

    September 20, 2011 by Austin Powers

    I'm back from a long absence or MIA. I'm back from the dead. This is a useless blog.Wasting my time,right?

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  • Austin Powers


    August 25, 2011 by Austin Powers

    Okay,Hi everybody.Welcome to my blogsite.



    "Let's retry that again,for the 4th fucking time."

    Okay,Hi everybody and welcome to my blogsite or whatever this is called.Anyways,everybody knows Battlefield 3 and COD:MW3 will be facing off or maybe jacking off with each other this fall and I want to discuss what Pre-order stuff we get,if we pre-order the game.Let's start off with MW3.MW3 if we pre-order,we get a huge poster.I know this is not new,we knew this since the dawn of Women and the Dawn of Man and the dawn of Call of Booty,damn it.I mean Call of Duty.Anyways,I just want to talk about it.Poster? Really,that's stupid but who wants a poster to be hanged in their room for like 2,500 years when we can't play it or we can't talk to…

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