Hello,everyone. Happy Monday.

This is your boy,Austin Powers. I wanted to talk about my opinions on one of the new maps called Liberation.I really don't like the map. It's large,and it's big.It takes forever to find someone in Team Deathmatch,but it's decent because it's really a long range sniping,good for Light Machine Gun gameplay but it's not good for Assault Rifle wielders like me who uses Assault Rifles and SMGs. The map is built for your snipers and TYPEs,the worst gun ever (to me,that's my opinion) It's really not built for that run and gun stuff I really like.

The color scheme is not good,anyone who snipers or carries MK14 with fall camo can easily blend into the map and camp. That's why I refer it to Camper's Paradise,anyone who was a sniper with fall/woodland or MK14 with fall or woodland can blend it,and you don't even see him until you get shot by that person on Team Deathmatch you won't even know he's even there. or even know he exists until you get shot.

It's a huge map and is decent but you just have to run to find someone that bothers me the most. I'm trying to find what I like about Liberation and there's nothing that I like. The Color Scheme.No! Trying to run around to find someone.NO! There's nothing decent what I like about this map.But what is one thing you like about the map Liberation and why? Hit up on the commets below and explain what's one thing you like about Liberation and why. WE OUT!!!

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