Okay,Hi everybody.Welcome to my blogsite.



"Let's retry that again,for the 4th fucking time."

Okay,Hi everybody and welcome to my blogsite or whatever this is called.Anyways,everybody knows Battlefield 3 and COD:MW3 will be facing off or maybe jacking off with each other this fall and I want to discuss what Pre-order stuff we get,if we pre-order the game.Let's start off with MW3.MW3 if we pre-order,we get a huge poster.I know this is not new,we knew this since the dawn of Women and the Dawn of Man and the dawn of Call of Booty,damn it.I mean Call of Duty.Anyways,I just want to talk about it.Poster? Really,that's stupid but who wants a poster to be hanged in their room for like 2,500 years when we can't play it or we can't talk to the poster.Free DLC? Bullshit.Anyways,what do we get if we pre-order BF3.We get Strike at Karkand and the weapons pack at no extra charge.This is not new,or anything I just want to think what's your opinion about pre-order sales or stuff we get or whatever.Or take on what's your opinion about the two games and just pre-orders in general?

Thanks for your time.

"That was excellent,Austin."

"Thank you.George."

"Goddamn it,it's not George.It's George Romero."

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