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  • Awesome46258

    I love the CoD series and strongley think that what you are about to read is true.

    GUNS:I like the way you buy weapons on black ops where you have to buy them with points.

    CAMPAGN:I dont care what you do it just has to be as good or then modern warfare 1 and 2 and definately better then black ops's campaign(I didn't get the black ops story at all).

    SOMTHING ELSE: There should be a new zombeis map with barrack obama in D.C. if infinity ward makes a zombies mode which I highly reccomend if you want to surprise everybody. and hold off zombie ideas for black ops and put them into MW3 Or more spec ops with a larger veriaty of missions. Or a spec ops section of zombies Or a fire fight like in Halo Reach.

    MULTYPLAYER: I think the idea of a combat tra…

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