I love the CoD series and strongley think that what you are about to read is true.

GUNS:I like the way you buy weapons on black ops where you have to buy them with points.

CAMPAGN:I dont care what you do it just has to be as good or then modern warfare 1 and 2 and definately better then black ops's campaign(I didn't get the black ops story at all).

SOMTHING ELSE: There should be a new zombeis map with barrack obama in D.C. if infinity ward makes a zombies mode which I highly reccomend if you want to surprise everybody. and hold off zombie ideas for black ops and put them into MW3 Or more spec ops with a larger veriaty of missions. Or a spec ops section of zombies Or a fire fight like in Halo Reach.

Changing his armor

this guy is changing his armor..... this is layed out so much better too.

MULTYPLAYER: I think the idea of a combat training to help know what weapons you want, like, and so you can get into the game better like black ops.

The black ops perks were good but had a bad layout; same with attachments; like you cant have an under barrel with another attachment with warlord

U should be able to have any gun in anywhere like have shotguns in primary or secondary. you should also be able to have a pistol no matter what because of the pistol holder.

he is changing his clothes underneeth all the armor

This is my favorite multiplayer idea and i really recomend you think about it: you should be able to change clothes like in rainbow 6 vegas 2(if any of you have played or edited a person in it). For example: no more speed perks and jaugerneut perks. You dress the way you want and the speed and armor you want. Also for example: like a bullet proof vest or a leather vest or a grassy coat so you can hide in the bushes.
Charcter Customization

see you get the option to pick clothes, armor, and equiptment

Heavy pants so you get more ammo or lighter pant so you get less ammo. Gask mask or night vision goggles. And with your minds you can most likely make more pants, vests, shirts, boots, etc. Can you think about it before you say no, If you like this idea please use this in COD MW3.

Here is my thoughts on a gun list for MW3.

ssault rifles: 1.commando 2.m16 but you can switch from 3 round burst to automattic 3.AK-47 4.Barret REC7 5.ACR 6.famas 7.scar 8.m4 carbine[m4 carbine] 9.type 11 10.xm8 rifle 11. Aug 12.

achine gun pistols are pretty much sub machine guns

ub machineguns: 1.calico m60 2.Colt 9mm SMG 3.TEC-9 4.M3 sub machine gun 5.pp-2000 6.VBR-PDW 7.G18 8.M93 RAFFICA

niper rifles: 1.M40A3 2.Bor 3.M24 4.Barret M82 5.Barret 50 Cal 6.Steyr H.S. 50

If battle rifles then make and/or find some of our present time

hotguns: 1.spas 12 2.AA-12 3.spas 15 4.USAS-12 5.double barrel 6.trench shotgun 7.M1014 8.striker

ight machinguns: 1.RPK 2.M240 3.FN minimi 4.MG4 5.SAR-21 6.M249

and guns: 1.desert eagle 2.caliber .50 GI 3.any kind of revolver 4.M9 5.remington XP-100

Launchers: 1.PZR GROM 2.stinger 3.strela-2 eye 5.M202 flash 6.LAW 80

I personally think you guys had a great idea with specials

pecails: 1.ballistic knife 2.crossbow(and I think it would be better with attachments(acog, explosive tip, variable zoom, 3 arrows but lowers down accuracy and range by a little bit) 3.combat knife(you cant knife with out it(there can also be a perk that gives you and extra specail) 4.whacking objects(you can pick up things to hit people with them but some objects hurt more then others).

Maps: 1.a school 2.neighborhood 3.desert station 5.maybe a weird and fun map;mars where you jump 300% higher(there can be a space shuttle to walk in and maybe a couple buildings) 6.another fun and weird map; atlantis(you can see merpeople out of the glass walls and maybe a couple octopus attacks to shake the map 7.a forest full of rocks and deerand maybe once in while a bear or two.

Playercards: Ithink you guys did a great job with that but I would like you guys to put in some premade player cards and i have been thinking about this for a couple months; you can save your playercard into one layer(either that or a lot more layers) would be nice to have because i love making random stuff in the edit playercard menu and i cant make a lot of stuff because i dont have enough layers.

Thank you for reading

If you like what I've said(typed) please E-mail me and let me know your putting my stuff in MW3.

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