Hello, my name is Awesomeman326, and I have something to say to all the people who are hating on Call of Duty. Saying that Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Activision are running out of ideas for the series, and that almost every single game is the same as the last one. And I'm here to say why that's not true. Number 1: Almost half of the things that are in First-Person-Shooters nowadays are things that origininated from CoD. The way the HUD is layed out, the gamemodes, some of the weapons, attachments, and lethal grenades and tactical grenades (Mostly in BO2), the killstreaks, the storylines, EVERYTHING!!! And yet dispite the fact that Battlefield has all of these things, people say that it's better than CoD by a mile. People say that Battlefield is better than CoD because it's more realistic. With bullet drop, a destructable environment, useable vehicles, more teamwork, bigger maps, and slightly better graphics. And while I do agree that CoD should adopt these features, it's doing just fine without them. Call of Duty is a game designed to be similar to other FPSs, but be more of an arcade type version. What I mean by that is how it doesn't have the features that Battlefield or Medal of Honor do. It's made to not be as realistic, as more of a fun game that you don't have to put a ton of effort into, because just because CoD doesn't promote teamwork like Battlefield does, doesn't mean it's bad one bit. It's ok to be a lone wolf! Teamwork is good, but it doesn't have to be used all the time. People say that Battlefield takes skill to play and CoD doesn't, and I can kind of agree on that. But that doesn't mean that CoD is bad. Like I said, CoD is a more relaxed version of Battlefield or Medal of Honor. So why don't you stop hating on Call of Duty, and look at the facts.

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