I still love CoD4 much more then MW2.

MW2's Multiplayer just has....too much. Too much of everything. CoD4's Multiplayer was Classic, Simple (Compared to MW2), and fun. MW2's Multiplayer for me is more like an adrenaline rush that ends quite shortly. There are so many more additions to MW2's Multiplayer. Too Many Additions. It is like eating too much, you just end up getting sick. Sometimes, MW2's Multiplayer doesn't just feel right for me. I don't know what doesn't feel right about it though. The New Perk Layout doesn't feel right either. I also don't like the countless attachments for all of the guns. MW2's Multiplayer is just too different. World at War has the feeling of CoD4, I just don't know why MW2 doesnt.

Does anyone else still play Call of Duty 4 more then Modern Warfare 2?

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