I am here to complain about knifing. No, not Tactical Knifing, just normal knifing.

Why do people use the knife so constantly? Is it so hard to shoot at a target that is right in front of you? I am a Rusher, so I suffer from Knives all the time. I always hope for a decent close-range shoot-out. But most of the time, I get knived. I know alot of you like Era will fight back and tell me to use something like Claymores. One, I don't camp. Two, I'd rather use Blast Shield. Commando just makes it even worse. Even before the game came out, I read about Commando and I knew that it was going to be really annoying. The only reason a person should knife is if they are out of ammo or don't have enough time to switch to secondary.

Seriously. Is it so hard to shoot at a target that is a few virtual feet in front of you. If people can shoot correctly from medium-long range, they should be able to shoot a target almost right in their faces.

What also doesn't help is that the knife is a "lock on" weapon (most of the time) and you can somehow whip it out in less then a freaking second!

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