I've seen alot of people in-game and in the Wikia complain about Juggernaut. For example, I got to RandomCODWikiaGuy's userpage and I see if he uses Stopping Power or not. The answer is either yes or that he doesn't show his classes. Why complain about Juggernaut if you have Stopping Power? Do retards not realize that those perks cancel each other out?

Also, why complain about Juggernaut and not about Stopping Power? Why complain only about the defensive-boosting perk and not the offensive-boosting one?

If anyone says that people only use Stopping Power to counteract Juggernaut, you're dead wrong. Juggernaut isn't present in Modern Warfare 2 (Sure, there is Painkiller, but that is completely useless.) and I still see the same number of people using Stopping Power.

I'm not saying that Juggernaut isn't "nooby", I'm just saying that Stopping Power deserves the equal amount of criticism.

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