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    These are my favorite multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 including DLC's:

    Part 1

     #10 Raid

    First off, many people may be wondering why I put this amazing map so low on my list. I have personally had WAY too many bad experiences on Raid. I like this map, as I have gotten many personal firsts on this map such as my first swarm, my first 30-0 k/d, and my first cross map tomahawk. With this map's amazing balance, I could not have not put this on my list. 

    1. 9 Yemen

    A surprise to see on this list since many people hate this map, I personally love Yemen. Even though this map is unbalanced, it has many good qualaties for my C.o.D playing style. I love sitting in the building in the corner of the map (Seen in the top right of the diagram below …

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