These are my favorite multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 including DLC's:

Part 1

Personal Baconzz Raid-5


Personal Baconzz Raid-map-layout-1
#10 Raid

First off, many people may be wondering why I put this amazing map so low on my list. I have personally had WAY too many bad experiences on Raid. I like this map, as I have gotten many personal firsts on this map such as my first swarm, my first 30-0 k/d, and my first cross map tomahawk. With this map's amazing balance, I could not have not put this on my list. 

Personal Baconzz Yemen-5
Personal Baconzz Yemen-map-layout-1
#9 Yemen

A surprise to see on this list since many people hate this map, I personally love Yemen. Even though this map is unbalanced, it has many good qualaties for my C.o.D playing style. I love sitting in the building in the corner of the map (Seen in the top right of the diagram below the picture of the map) with a partner with claymores,blackhats, and shock charges,and scorestreaks such as, care packages, sentry guns, and guardians.This strategy gets me a perfect k/d everytime.

Personal Baconzz Hijacked-5
  1. 8 Hijacked
Personal Baconzz Hijacked-map-layout-1

There isn't a lot to say about this map other than the balance. This map's balance is amazing and it is one of my favorites because of the three stories. First off,the underground,the tight corners and narrow hallways make this area a shotgunner's heaven. Next, the ground level is a spot for people who are fond for SMG's and assault rifles. Finally, the top story is a snipers heaven having acsess to everything around you. All of these stories fit this map to everybody's nee

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