• Battousai 80

    It's no surprise that the MW2 leaderboards are a joke.

    Regarding Overall Score

    • How can you even be in the top 100 if you played 17 seconds of multiplayer?

    Regarding Kills

    • 1337 Killstreak? C'mon.
    • Several people also have K/D ratios of 2.03 and a 57 killstreak.

    It is obvious that IW doesn't really care about how flawed the leaderboards are. It is also obvious that a good percentage of people went to those "prestige" lobbies just to boost their scores. Likewise, those people who have boosted (cheated) are probably not very good at the game anyway.

    Don't even get me started on how many messages I get per day "for 1600 MS points."

    I hope Treyarch enforces a banhammer when Black Ops comes out.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Battousai 80

    I was wondering if anyone had any memorable comeback stories while playing MW2.

    Do not include "nuking" when losing.

    Just to get this going, here is mine.

    Two buddies of mine and I were playing Ground War TDM on Storm. The other members of our team were having an off night. My buddies were barely breaking even. I would always get 1 kill away from getting a harrier before getting killed. About 7 minutes in the game the score was 7300 to 8500 with our backs against the wall.

    I finally got my harriers and the comeback began. Our team called in a UAV and I called in my harrier for a triple kill. I immediately called in my stealth bomber for multi-kill. My harrier was shot down shortly after and the score was 8300 to 9000. Right after I got noob-t…

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