I'll tell you guys my 1v1 quickscope match rules and you tell me yours, or suggest changes to mine, so I can try them out with my friends.

Ok. Here goes:

  • Quickscopes, noscopes, and Throwing Knifes only. Any hardscopes and your opponent gets a free kill with his secondaries. A hardscope is defined as scoping in and moving your crosshair on your opponent, or more than one second scoped in.
  • No Marathon or One Man Army.
  • No Cold-Blooded.
  • No Scrambler or Last Stand.
  • Intervention Only.
  • Free-for-All
  • Play to 20 kills.
  • No time limit.
  • Health = Miniscule
  • Radar = On
  • Killstreaks = Off
  • Map = Rust of Highrise
  • Respawn Delay = 5 seconds so your opponent is forced to watch Killcam.
  • Do a 360 quickscope, noscope, or throwing knife on last kill. If you don't, your opponent wins.
  • Only Copycat is allowed, but no stealing classes.

Please tell me what you guys think and give me some more fun ideas.

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