aka Current status: M.I.A

  • I live in Solar Empire: Ponyville
  • My occupation is drunk zombie killer
  • I am 20% Cooler of my vodka
  • BelinskiNik

    New Brony!!!

    March 2, 2012 by BelinskiNik

    After entered in the community, get infected by the B-virus, have listened some of the wunderbar music dedicated to MLP and have seen (finally) the 1st episode i becomed A BRONY!!!

    My favourite pony is Twilight Sparke and in the Personality test im very similar at her....

    after becomed a brony i have created a new avatar... see here

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  • BelinskiNik

    My new avatar!

    February 14, 2012 by BelinskiNik

    This is my new avatar: Anonymus Nikolai vs ACTA that is approved by the italian governement also. sign up here if you agree with the war aganist ACTA!!!

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  • BelinskiNik

    MW3 Hates: Striker OP

    January 20, 2012 by BelinskiNik

    hi guys i want to talk about the striker that is Very OP. I like the shotguns and in MW2 i got lot of kill with him (demolition on estate, camping on the house) but now i think that have an high rate and the player who have Extnd mags and damange is very powerful. IF SOME OF YOU HATES THE STRIKER GO ON THIS BLOG AND TELL WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN (i like the SPAS12)

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