Just a blog I made because I was curious about everyones' opinion about which one they think will be better, Black Ops or World at War. Please comment, vote and subscribe! Wait, this isn't on YouTube...

Reasons why I prefer World at War:

  1. Simple MP. No complex challenges to gain pro perks, no gun camo, and best of all, no cheap custom killstreaks. Just a spy plane, artillery, and dogs. No chopper gunner, gunships, or RC-XD's.
  2. The last Call of Duty made that had any historical truth to it whatsoever.
  3. I think the zombies in Black Ops is overrated. It seems they just dropped the story that was made in WaW. I like having easter eggs such as radios and dead parachutists that explain the story of the zombies. Plus, the weapons in Black Ops zombies just SUCK! The only truly effective weapons are the LMG's, wonder weapons, and the Stakeout. Everything else is basically useless (also, why did Treyarch patch the China Lake in zombies? Balancing purposes? There is a gun that sends zombies flying 50 yards away with one pull of a trigger).
  4. It was the only Call of Duty set in WWII to feature the Pacific theater.
  5. Tanks! It's fun destroying them, riding in them, and hiding from them! It's epic!
  6. There was never really an all-powered setup (yes, MP40 Dual Mags, Juggernaut and Steady Aim, but I think there were a few weapons people hated in Black Ops (Famas, AUG, Galil, AK74u, and others).

List your preferred game and the reasons why below!

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