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  • Big-Macintosh

    I'm back

    February 10, 2013 by Big-Macintosh

    And I'm even more of a Nirvana fan than ever.

    I also miss you guys on the chat (I got permabanned by Rift Cyra), the reasons for which I will not go into because I am simply too lazy. I've had some tell me that I completely deserved it and others tell me Rift shouldn't have permabanned me. Either way, for now, I can't do anything about it.

    If you wish to talk to me, you may find me at the MLP Wiki chat.

    Just thought I'd make a blog post.


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  • Big-Macintosh

    Black Ops 2 Playercards

    November 25, 2012 by Big-Macintosh

    It seems not a single person has listened to Treyarch. 8 out of 10 times, if I look in recent players, I can see more than a few playercards which would most likely fall under the "offensive" category. I've seen buttsecks, boobs, ass and some very anti-semitic and homophobic quotes as playercards in the small amount of time I've been playing Black Ops 2. To these people I say enjoy your bans.

    Big-Macintosh (talk) 00:03, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Big-Macintosh

    Why Black Ops sucks

    October 30, 2011 by Big-Macintosh

    Yep, I'm trolling just like Smuff, MLGisNot4Me and others, but who wouldn't after just 3 hours of gameplay?

    First up, the Campaign. There's Woods, who thinks he can get a GWR for dropping the 'F' bomb more than I do on Multiplayer. Then Bowman, who doesn't get as much notice as Woods (RACISM MUCH). Then the rag-tag team of Mason and Reznov who act like they were separated at birth. And most of the st00f in the Campaign is so mysterious and cryptic, I swear Treyarch don't even fucking know what it means.

    And now, the Multiplayer mode.

    This was said to be the most balanced MP mode in CoD's series (ORLY?!). Then how come I'm always seeing these guns in the killfeed?

    [1] [2] [3]

    Also, let's take a look at (in my opinion) the 3 perks that are an abs…

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  • Big-Macintosh
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  • Big-Macintosh

    A couple weeks ago, I was in a lobby full of 8-year-olds on Search and Destroy Array. Every single person on my team was trying to get Temper shots and no-scope 900 wallbangs, but they all died. So, I'm up against 3 enemies. I get my L96A1 out, snipe one enemy, then I knife another, and then I decide to use my sniper properly, so I snipe the last person normally. During the killcam, every kid is yelling at me because I didn't do a triple collat on them. I think it's bullcrap how they think that everyone has to do the kills exactly how they want them to. Why does IW and Treyarch not do ANYTHING about this? Like ban everyone who sounds like Justin Bieber or make them watch a video about what real snping is.

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