Yep, I'm trolling just like Smuff, MLGisNot4Me and others, but who wouldn't after just 3 hours of gameplay?

First up, the Campaign. There's Woods, who thinks he can get a GWR for dropping the 'F' bomb more than I do on Multiplayer. Then Bowman, who doesn't get as much notice as Woods (RACISM MUCH). Then the rag-tag team of Mason and Reznov who act like they were separated at birth. And most of the st00f in the Campaign is so mysterious and cryptic, I swear Treyarch don't even fucking know what it means.

And now, the Multiplayer mode.

This was said to be the most balanced MP mode in CoD's series (ORLY?!). Then how come I'm always seeing these guns in the killfeed?

[1] [2] [3]

Also, let's take a look at (in my opinion) the 3 perks that are an absolute bitch to upgrade.

First, Ghost.

First, you have to run around the map trying to get a good angle to shoot down 30 Spy planes.

Then, you have to be in the 100,000 to 1 game that an enemy is using a Sentry Gun and manage to destroy that.

Second, Ninja.

You have to work your ass off to plant 10 bombs.

Third, Marathon.

I can't even be fucked capping flags now.

Also, where are my fucking dedicated servers?!

JD_2020 resigned because he got 20,000 messages a day to get off his fucking ass and fix the Famas, yet he just slightly fixes the Grip on the AK-74u, forcing users to put on Rapid Fire which is also something that needs to be fixed.

Thumper = China Lake

The pistols suck all together.

No, I am not a IW fanboy. At least IW actually listen to their online community.

3arc playing in-game lobbies to find modders? My ass. They're swimming in Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with money while letting the in-game report option do their job.

L. A. G. Nothing else need be said.

Black Ops just feels like a $60 DLC.

They think they can just make up names for guns such as:

AK74u = AK74S-u

Famas = FAMAS

Grim Reaper = M202 FLASH

Can't resupply my Flamethrower or have another attachment with my Flamethrower cause 3arc thinks ALL under-barrel attachments are OP. (FAIL)

Feel free to add your own reasons on why this game sucks.

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