Upon achieving 1000 of every skull accolade, on page 1 of the accolades, I received the spinning gold skull emblem. It is as simple as that, it was rewarded at the end of game screen, just like usual. There was no title to accompany it. I'm sure that this post will get deleted because the admins won't accept "misleading information", but for those who read it before it does, you are wlecome. Instead allow me to set this up as a challenge to prove my theory. I challenge someone to get to 1000 accolades in each (greenish skull accolades on pg. 1) and leave one at 999, then record a video of you achieving the final accolade of the group.

Now in honesty, so that you understand why I can't show you myself, at least for the time being, I will tell you that we did have to hack part of the game. We used 2 day account and via hacking, boosted the accolades up so that we just needed one more "immortal" accolade. We achieved that in regular play, and were rewarded with the spinning gold skull. On my real account, I am close, but would still have to play for a loooooong time, especially to finish of "the show" of which I only have 200.

So please, allow this challenge to stand. If someone is close to achieving 1000 of each accolade on the first page, film it and see for yourself. I have nothing to gain, hopefully you all do! It was bugging me as much as the next COD fan, it was the one emblem I really wanted to get. When my homie started playing with some hackers, I asked him to ask them to hack an account to the parameters I required, and they did it.

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