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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    I've never come across a game with more useless features in Multiplayer than Advanced Warfare. There are things that are in the game that I've never seen used correctly, or used at all. While we can probably all agree that things like the AMR9 and EPM3 are pretty ass in Core modes, there are some things that even Hardcore can't save in this game.

    • Explosive Drone: This was supposed to replace the Claymore? People just casually stroll past them and nothing happens. As if the loud buzz isn't enough of a warning, it takes 2-3 seconds to explode after. On multiple occasions, I've triggered one in Hardcore mode, and some merciful part of my soul decides to give the user the fantasy satisfaction of getting an Explosive Drone kill, so I stand still…
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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    Kudos to whoever's been making the new stat tables for the weapon pages for supply drop variants. But there's one main thing missing and that's the changes listed in-game, such as the +1 Accuracy, -2 Fire Rate thing you see in the Create-a-Class. The new tables are cool if you're big on the math, but I think it's important to include what it shows in-game too, because it's like a quick reference to see which variant is better than another. All the numbers for ranges and stuff can be confusing for anyone not familiar with the math of CoD (personally, I don't even understand the green numbers, red numbers, and whatnot). And if you're gonna tell me to go change it myself, I can't cause someone took down the original numbers and I don't have a …

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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    First Kill or Death?

    November 10, 2011 by Bioniclepluslotr

    In your first multiplayer match of MW3, did you die first, or kill first? I can't say, since I haven't played yet.

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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    If I remember correctly, a little less than a month ago, I saw a news blog that had something about preordering MW3's Hardened edition or subbing to Call of Duty Elite before its launch and getting a bunch of exclusive things. The only thing I remember was "exclusive camouflage". I can't find this blog anymore, so does anyone have any details on this promotion? And is the "exclusive camouflage" a gun camouflage or something else?

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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    Weapon Sway

    October 28, 2011 by Bioniclepluslotr

    I see that one of the new Weapon Proficiencies is reducing sway on all weapons. What is sway, anyways? Is it like sniper rifles where you aim and your sights don't stay still, because that sounds terrible for a regular gun.

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